The Pup Relief Tour

Bringing us closer together through the love of pups

Our Mission & Progress

A Pup Relief Tour Journey

Three years ago, we embarked on an inspiring mission with Pup Relief Tour INC: to bring accessible pet grooming services to underprivileged communities across America. Today, we celebrate grooming over 1,800 pets, absolutely free of charge, thanks to our network of over 100 dedicated volunteer groomers. Our workshops have educated countless pet owners in 16 states, sowing seeds of knowledge and empowerment. Our reach even expanded internationally, with successful training sessions in Lagos, Nigeria. This journey has been about more than grooming—it’s about nurturing connections, spreading joy, and creating a world where every pet is loved and cared for.

Tour Dates

Cincinnati, OH
(July 25th-26th)
Wesley Chapel Mission Center
70 E McMicken Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45202

Detroit, MI
(July 29th-30th)
Canine To Five
3443 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201

Chicago, IL
(Aug 2nd-3rd)
Porche Paws Parlor
10639 S. Pulaski Rd. Chicago, IL 60655

Addressing the Core Problem

In many cities, the stark reality is that pet grooming is a luxury beyond reach for low-income families. This gap not only affects the pets but also the morale of the community. We at Pup Relief Tour INC (501c) are determined to bridge this divide. By offering no-cost and low-cost grooming, combined with educational initiatives, we’re tackling this challenge head-on. Our approach is comprehensive: we’re not just grooming pets; we’re educating owners, empowering aspiring groomers, and building community resilience.

Your Role in this Mission

Your support has been the cornerstone of our success. Whether it’s through donations, sharing our story, or engaging with us on social media, you are a vital part of this journey. With every dollar, every share, and every word of encouragement, you’re helping us to spread love and care to pets and their families across the nation. Join us as we continue to make a difference, one pet at a time.

Our Unique Solution and Competitive Edge

Our solution has been unique and effective. We’re not just another pet grooming service; we’re a movement. We are launching a pilot grooming school within prisons, our efforts to support black-owned businesses, and our mission to make pet care accessible and cool again set us apart. We’ve established grooming schools, created networks of skilled groomers, and fostered a community of support and sharing. This holistic approach has given us a significant edge over alternatives.

How TO Help

The Future We Envision

Looking ahead, our dreams are ambitious but achievable. We plan to groom 10,000 pets annually by 2030, expanding our tours to new cities, including rural areas, Native American reservations, and urban neighborhoods. Our vision is of a nation where every pet, regardless of its owner’s financial situation, receives the care and love they deserve. We’re committed to making pet grooming accessible and inclusive, and with your support, we can turn this vision into reality.

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